J. A. Henckels

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Name J. A. Henckels
Location Soligen, Germany
Dates of Operation June 13, 1731
External Links http://www.zwilling.com/


Owners Peter Henckels
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History[edit | edit source]

On June 13, 1731 Peter Henckels registered the "Twin" with the Cutlers’ Guild of wikipedia:Solingen. 40 years later, his son Johann Abraham Henckels was born, and later re-named the company. The Henckels logo has been in the current shape with a red background since 1969.

J.A. Henckels opened the first trading outlet in 1818 in wikipedia:Berlin, opening a shop in wikipedia:New York in 1883 and followed a year later by wikipedia:Vienna and in 1897 by wikipedia:Copenhagen and wikipedia:Rotterdam. In 1909 Henckels set up its first subsidiary in the U.S., followed by Canada, The Netherlands, Denmark, Switzerland, Japan, Italy, France, Spain, China and Taiwan. In 2008, subsidiaries were set up in Great Britain and Brazil.

Activities[edit | edit source]

The company maintains several brands, including Zwilling J.A. Henckels, J.A. Henckels International and BSF. Additionally the company operates its own retail shops, studios and partner shops both in Germany and internationally, among them about 200 shop-in-shops in China. Since 1970 the company has been part of the Werhahn Group (Neuss, Germany), with a staff of 3,200 worldwide. Profits amounted to 282 million in 2007 with 80% of its profits outside Germany.

In 2004 Henckels took over the Japanese knife manufacturer Nippa and the U.S. beauty specialist Tweezerman and cookware companies Demeyere (stainless steel cookware from Belgium) and Staub (cast iron cookware from France) in spring 2008.