Klaas, Robert

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Name Klaas, Robert
Location Prussia; Germany
Dates of Operation 1837 - present
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Owners Robert Klaas
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The factory history has begun in 1837 with opening of a small workshop by Peter Deniel Pauls on manufacture of penknives. By 1850 its business has grown and made quite good profit, basically because of export of finished goods to the USA.

In 1857 Fridrih Robert Klaas married Dzhulian Henriette Pauls, the daughter of the founder of factory of Peter Pauls. After Peter Daniel Pauls's death the factory and all condition have passed to his daughter Dzhulian and the son-in-law, Fridrih Robert Klaas. On February, 20th, 1869 the company has been brought in the commercial register under a name of the present owner – Fridrih Robert Klaas. Manufacture quickly grew, and the factory has been expanded. In 1893 the trade mark has been registered: «Two storks».

In 1897 Robert Klaas has submitted the case sons. Their two them, Uolter and Ernest were responsible for sales of products in Germany. The third son, Max, has emigrated to the USA in 1889, where operated export trade.