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About me

Personal background

What are your favourite books? Movies? TV shows? Music? Games? Foods? Beverages?

  • Books: Tartan Noir, and its German equivalent, which I call Bulette Noir. In general, everything hardboiled.
  • Movies: Film noir, hardboiled.
  • TV shows: I do not watch TV.
  • Music: Too much to mention, and very eclectic. Currently, I am wading through 15GB of swing.
  • Games: Die Siedler.
  • Foods: We do not like convenience food at home. Our taste is rather eclectic, focussing on French and South-East Asian.
  • Beverages: Beer (German, preferably from Upper Franconia).

What do you do for a living?

I work as a security consultant, specialising in information security.

What do you do for fun and relaxation?

Working on SRP's Wiki.

Any failures you'd like to tell us about?

The most recent one includes an Echo razor...

What other projects and/or ventures are involved in?

I am actively involved in a volunteer project that helps under privileged youths help find jobs.

SRP related

How did you get involved in straight razor shaving?

My best man forced me into using a DE after an ingrown hair had left a 2mm deep scar. From there, it was just a small step. I thought.

Do you use, collect, restore, or sell razors?

I started shaving with a straight razor in December 2007. Prior to that I had been using cartridge and electric razors with no success. Switching to a DE helped considerably. But I enjoy the The Zen of Straight Shaving. I also like a challenge, and while the initial learning curve of straight shaving is very steep, one can get decent results within a few months. After that, it can become an obsession. This is reflected by my involvement in this Wiki.

I do indeed use, and collect straight razors. Restoring is something that I try to do, but usually fail somewhere in the middle. I have sold the occasional razor to beginners in the Chat, always for less than I initially paid. I think that the current prices for razors are insane.

How did you first find SRP?

Through google. Frankly, it left me confused, and under impressed. Which is why I started compiling information, of which SRP has more than any other shaving related website

How did you come to be a moderator on SRP?

“Robin was doing so much work that we either had to make him a mod or start paying him. We chose the cheapest option We don't always announce changes in the mod team, but in this case I want to make sure that everybody knows it is not a joke“

Given that moderation isn’t always a fun job, why did you accept the position?

SRP is already the leading web resource for all things straight razor shaving. Therefore, I consider it an honour, and a privilege to be allowed to participate in its development.

What is your motivation to stay constantly active on the forums? Do you want to learn something, do you want to teach something, or is there another reason?

They say that you should give back to the Net what the Net gave to you. My contribution here is to apply some Wiki and HTML magic to existing posts by way of thanks for this wonderful community. At the moment, I am trying to bully the Wiki Crew (aka the SRP Documentation team) into turning SRP's Wiki into the canonical source of consolidated information about straight razor shaving. Therefore, I am mainly involved in the forums to offer support through Wiki references, and shanghaiing volunteers for Wiki work.

Where would you like SRP to be in 5 years' time?

SRP is growing fast. I would like to support SRP's management team in their effort to keep SRP a place which its users enjoy.

Shaving related

Which other shaving related online communities do you enjoy as a member?

The German forums:


What is your funniest shaving related anecdote?

I used to use a toothpaste that looked exactly like my shaving cream...

What advice can you give people just getting into straight razor shaving?

Before you do anything else, read! The Wiki Crew have put a lot of work and energy into the Beginner's guide to straight razor shaving. I cannot recommend this document highly enough, as it contains links to everything a beginner needs, especially Lynn's article “First straight razor shave”.

My contributions to the Wiki

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My retirement

I retired on Tuesday, 15 June 2010, 16:53:00 CEST. Working alongside the SRP team was serious fun. Keep going, chaps!