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There are many useful grips we use to hold a straight razor. This list is not complete and can be fulfil by each user. Each of us has our own best ways to shave with straight and many grips have different variations. Best way to find out what works for you is to try and practice. Notice that some grips could feel uncomfortable at first but do not let that deject you. Some grips works better on the opposite side of the face, while others might work best on the same side of the face.

Ways to hold a razor ("grips")[edit | edit source]

All grips shown below are executed with the right hand for demonstration purposes. They will work the same when executed with the left hand for those who shave with both hands.

Single hand shavers might have their own variations and alternative grips. Additions to this article will be greatly appreciated.

Notes[edit | edit source]

We suggest that you keep your wrist flexible and let your grip live a little bit; not too strong, not too weak, but enough that the razor remains securely fastened between your fingers during shaving. Try to follow different angles of your face and try to keep the blade angle steady. Notice that in different parts of your face you must turn the blade more to keep the angle the same.

If you feel that the blade is not steady in your hands, you can always support the blade with the other hand. This is recommended especially for against the grain passes, ATG in upper lip and goatee area. Beware not to add pressure if you support the blade with other hand. Do not try to rush to your learning or get the smooth shave immediately. Learn peacefully how you can use different grips in each part of your face and the smoothness comes itself by time.

Further reading[edit | edit source]

Certain aspects of using a razor have been discussed in greater detail on the SRP forum. Below is a list of some of these discussions:

Demonstration videos[edit | edit source]

Here is also a link to the video section where you can see several ways to use different grips and great shaving techniques with both hands and single hand users.

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